How does your intuition work?

We all want to be able to connect with our intuition, to make it easier to navigate life. But how the hell does it work? Can you just plug in our do you have to become a spiritual guru? This is all you need to know to understand how your intuition works.

By Amber Aardenburg

Intuition is something mysterious to a lot of us, but what if I would tell you that it’s actually really simple to connect with it? Everyone is able to listen to their intuition. But understanding when your intuition speaks to you, can be difficult. How do you know when to listen, and how do you know your mind isn’t fooling you? 

Humans have used their intuition for decades. It can protect you and point you into the right direction. Mediums use it to connect with different dimensions and are able to talk to passed loved ones, angels and guides. When you’re using your intuition you are connecting to a wisdom, outside of your mind. The difficulty when you’re wanting to connect with your intuition is to not let your mind judge the information you’re receiving. So how do you know when it’s your intuition speaking to you?

Your intuition is connected to self, your source. When you connect with your source, you connect with the universe.

Your intuition is able to send your information when you’re connected to your source. Your source is your soul, your higher-self. When you’re connected your soul and you know who you are deep inside, you’re more open to the infinite wisdom of the universe. This works this way, because your intuition is connected with self. More specifically, your source. So source is the part of you that is connected to the infinite energy, spirit, the universe, god, however you want to call it. When you connect with your source, you connect with the universe. When you are connected to the universe, you’re able to receive messages. These messages are nothing more than your intuition speaking to you. So how can you recognize these messages?   

Well there are 4 ways you can sense messages. Besides that the universe likes to give you signs, but that’s not the same as connecting with your intuition. If you want to know more about signs, I will be writing another blogpost about it soon. So stay tuned for that one. 

The 4 ways your intuition speaks to you

 Have you ever had a random song in your head, that matched perfectly to your situation. Or a certain knowing that something was right. Or maybe you saw a picture in your head of a memorie onetime that solved a question you’d been walking around with. Your intuition gives you messages through 4 different “senses”. They are: hearing, feeling, seeing and knowing. Most of the time you only experience two, and they can change overtime. The more your intuition evolves. You know it is your intuition speaking to you because these messages come out of nowhere. They happen when you’re not thinking. This is because your mind is always thinking about the future or the past, so that leaves no room for messages from source. Because your source, is always connected to the here and now. You can train your intuition by connecting more with your soul. And being open and observing to notice the difference between a thought and a message from your intuition. 

Do you want to get closer to source right now? Check out my source meditation here. Another great way to get stared to train your intuition is by simply setting your intention to receive more messages. And then notice if you can tell the difference. I hope this helped, let me know in the comments below what your experience has been with receiving messages! Do you know, feel, hear or see your messages?

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