10 Common traits of a highly sensitive person

Are you always able to tell when something is wrong? You actually don’t like scary movies at all? Can you feel drained after social events? And do you find yourself worrying about other people? 


If the first examples sound familiar to you, you might be a highly senstive person. The first time I found out I was HSP everything I was insecure or confused about finally fell into place. But did you know that actually a lot of people are HSP? Around 20% of the population! Are you HSP? Here are 10 common traits of a highly sensitive person.

1 You feel more deeply

It may be a sentence in a song you overheard. Or you are easily moved by someones story, or problems. They may seem nothing to someone else but for you it means a lot. And it can get overwhelming sometimes.

2 You are always looking for meaning, wether it’s trough relations ships, religious believes or a world view

If you feel like something doesn’t feel right to you or it has no meaning. Like small talk or doing things for the sake of doing it. You feel a certain resistance towards it. If it has no meaning why would you even do it?

3 You notice things that other miss

You are able to quickly scan the room and no what is up, and you likely to be the friend who knows all the details.

4 You struggle letting go and moving on

Because you can feel things so deeply it is harder to let go and you might often experience feeling nostalgic. But you may learn it can be a relief when you finally do.


5 Other labeled you as the shy one when you were little

As a kid you were likely to wait a  little bit longer to interact with other people until you felt like it was safe to do so. And might also loved to read books or love other solo activities.

6 You are able to rely on your intuition

You know when something is up, and it is easy for you to recognize this gut feeling. When you didn’t listen to it, you might have physical felt it in your body, like stomachaches.

7 You take things too seriously and are being called too sensitive

You can’t help but take everything seriously because you are able to feel (to a certain degree) what someone else is feeling, so you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. That’s why you are extra careful. And because you feel so deeply and you are moved easily you might have been called “too” sensitive. But you found that you can’t feel less sensitive (you’re not weird, you are just a HSP).

8 When you experience beauty you have a strong positive response

Nature, music, looking at art, moves you deeply. You feel a deep sense of happiness and want to really take the moment in. You might not be able to put the feelings you feel into words. Highly sensitive people are also common to be creative people themselves.

9 You have to recharge a lot

After talking to your friends or going to a social event. You likely feel drained and you take a long time to feel energetic again. You might also feel emotional for some weird reason. This is because you have absorbed the feelings of the other people in the room. This is why you are likely to avoided these events.

10 When someone isn’t feeling well you know how to help them

Because you are so empathic you are able to feel what the other person is experiencing and that makes it easier to know what someone needs. You know when someone does or doesn’t want to talk about their problems. And a lot of people come to you for advise and tell you really personal stuff. Because being a highly sensitive person can be really intense. It is important to take your time to process things and recharge. Don’t feel like you have to change that you’re sensitive. It can be a gift too when you are able to help others and understand them. And to be deeply moved by beauty and music. Do you resonate with this list? Are you a highly sensitive person? Let me know in the comments.

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