• Take the time to fully relax and let go of the day so far with this magical forest meditation. This guided meditation will help you get your mind of things and just enjoy checking in with yourself. Taking the time for yourself to reset, with the help of a healing visualization of a beautiful magical forest.
  • Inner mentor meditation

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    Go on a journey with me to meet your inner mentor and connect with the source energy of you. This meditation has had the biggest impact on my students during my course, Shine Your Light. And now it's available for you, without having to do the whole course. During this meditation we will visualize the best version of you possible (your inner mentor), together with contacting your source (the part of you without all the clutter, negative thought patterns and ego). And make it more clear for you who you want to be and the direction you want to go in. Let's seek guidance from within us. Because the answer you need might already be inside of you.
  • Do you want to feel more balanced, safe and grounded? This meditation will help you do just that. By grounding ourselves we can become more aware of our surroundings, our own energy and emotions. Which will help you stay more focussed, relaxed and confident in the moment. During this meditation we will ground ourselves, let go of what is no longer serving us and draw new energy up with the help of our connection with mother earth.
  • A meditation designed to feel the power and light inside of you. Connect with the guiding and loving energies of your own light, the universe and mother earth. This meditation will make you feel more confident, grounded and safe. So you can stand in your own power and show up for what ever life may be facing you with.