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Custom order on request – abstract painting


If you like my painting style, but it just doesn’t match with what you’re looking for. You can absolutely request a custom painting from me! I would love to help you out with something that complimets your space and what you had in mind. But before you email me at amber.aardenburg@gmail.com, please first read this:

If you would like a custom piece from me I need some details about what you would like. Think:

  • colors
  • emotion/general feeling
  • shapes
  • size canvas

If you’re unsure about the size or colors, I would love to help you out. You may always send me a picture of the space you’re envisioning it for. And I will see what I can do for you.

Once I have gotten your email with the info I will let you know how much your project will cost, give you a shipping estimate, and most importantly a start and finish date.

After that I will send you an invoice for the total amount. A non-refundable down payment of 30% must be placed in order for me to begin working on your custom painting. Once you have submitted the payment, I will ( if you would like) create a general look and feel that will include the composition and color scheme. This will act as a general outline. Once I think that it is absolutely perfect, I will send you the image and hope that you will also think that it is absolutely perfect. If it’s not, that’s okay. I will go ahead and make changes to make it just right.


That being said, I only allow a maximum of 3 revisions. Why three? Because it stresses the importance of clear communication, and solid ideas. If I allowed, let’s say 6 revisions, then there is more room for the client to change their mind, and when ideas are changed constantly, it prolongs the project time. My time, as well as yours, is extremely valuable and the rule of three helps to remind us of that.

The cost of shipping and carrier will vary, depending on your location and size of painting.

Time Frame

The entire project will take about 2-6 weeks. It will all depend on the size, complexity of the painting, and my current workload.

-What if I need it sooner?
If you are on a deadline and you know you’re on a deadline, please please let me know right away! It should be included in the initial email you send me. Letting me know that you need it a week before your deadline, is not ideal- and most likely not possible. I understand that sometimes opportunities come up, and you want your painting to be there for that special moment. Contact me as soon as you find out yourself, and we will discuss the situation. Rush orders are subject to a rush fee and possibly also additional shipping costs.

I know this is a lot of info to take in. Especially, if you are just starting to consider commissioning a painting. If at that point you still have some questions,  I will gladly answer them!

I’m ready!

Great! I will be extremely excited to hear from you and your project. Email me the information listed above, and we will schedule a date to get started.


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