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Bell sleeves & pineapples


Bell sleeves are an on going trend at the moment. At first I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to join this particular one, until I found this top from the Primarkt. I think it is chique jet casual, which I love. And the bell sleeves add something special to the look, especially with the little bows on the sleeves.

For this outfit I decided to tuck my top in my new Zara high wasted jeans, which are pretty much the only jeans I wear at the moment (if they’re clean of course :)). Confession: I’ve never had high waisted jeans before. I know, quite the crime. But now that I own a pair I know what I have been missing. Look, there is nothing wrong with a low cut jean, but I think High wasted jeans makes everything so much more flattering. I paired this outfit with my new cute Zara Pineapple bag, which I think is such a funny statement piece. Zara have got a lot of these kind of little bags at the moment, so if you’re looking for an eye-catcher I would definitely take a look over there. And lastly I think jeans look so good paired with heels. Have you ever noticed that all the models on online clothing shops are wearing heels on the photo’s where they’re selling jeans? It just makes it look better. Not to say you should always wear heels with jeans. Cous, if were being real here, that wouldn’t be so realistic, right? But I do really love heels. These are from Asos from a time ago, I’ve found some similar ones which I’ve linked down bellow, just like the rest of the outfit.

top Primark (no link)

jeans Zara

pineapple bag Zara

Heels Asos (similar) 1 & 2

Have a good weekend, until next time x




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