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Trip to Maastricht – The Netherlands

Last Friday I went to Maastricht with two of my friends. Because we had a free day from school, we thought it would be fun to visit Maastricht. Maastricht is a city in the east – west of the Netherlands. I personally live in the north of the Netherlands. So we kind of crossed the country. We traveled by train, and our outward journey took us two and a half hour. But hey, why not?

I have always wanted to see more of my own country, and I hadn’t been to this part of the Netherlands jet. So I was really happy my friend suggested to go. And it was also a good travel blog opportunity 🙂

Maastricht is near by Belgium, so it doesn’t look typically like the rest of the Netherlands. It kind of looked a bit like a big village, with all the cute old houses. We wandered around for a bit and walked to the centre of the city. And than the shopping begon. Maastricht is an amazing city to shop. there are a lot of great stores. A lot of which you also have in most city’s. But there are also a lot of authentic stores, which are also great. I had a succesvol sopping session, so some of the items I bought you will probably see very soon in an outfit post.

After we had shopped for a while, we stopped to eat some waffels. My friend had already been to Maastricht before, and she really recommended trying these. And I get why, they were delicious! Before eating waffels we had already had lunch at HEMA, a typical Dutch store (although I believe you have got one in London too). After wandering around for a long day, we decided we wanted to head back, because we were quite tired, and we also had a long trip home. 

I had a great time in Maastricht, and I would love to go back one day. It’s beautiful, and there is a lot to do.

I hope you liked my little travel blog post, and you’ve had a good weekend.

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