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The person I’m becoming and want to be

She is fierce, without a doubt. She knows what she wants, and goes for it at a 100%.

Style and attitude she has it all. And she is not afraid to fall.

To break down and just be. Just because she knows she will get back up, and fight trough it. but never the less, she will accept. She will accept the shit she is going trough.

Because she knows this is her path. Although that doesn’t mean she has no voice in this game.

She will stand tall, and deal with what has to be done. She knows what responsibility means, but still she is free.

Free at heart and mind. She will always fight for her freedom and protect her state of mind.

Just because she wants to be. just be. No less, no more.

Because that makes her happy, feeling the rain, seeing the flowers grow, and the seasons change. Loving life the way she presents herself.

In love with mother earth and her loving self. Seeing the greatness of it all.

Never letting go of the connection with the earth. She knows what is most important.

Just live.

                                 love & learn


And than my soul will be truly happy.



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