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Spring to do list 2018

It is finally spring! So time to get out of your bear den and start living again. Just kidding, although I have to admit I’m not really fun in cold weather. I tend to function way better in warm weather I’ve discovered. Is that just me? So to keep myself exited for spring during the colder days, I made myself a spring to do list. A little personal list with all the things I want to do this spring in 2018. I’ve seen a lot of these spring to lists floating around last year, so I thought why not make one myself? They’re great for inspo on a boring day when you don’t know what to do, and to make the most out of this season. So let’s see what I’ve got on my spring to do list….

  • Celebrate easter with my family and a fun breakfast & bake my delish brownie (recipe will soon be up on the blog!)

  •  Buy myself some fresh flowers

  • Make a little road trip to some where I haven’t been before with friends

  • Take cute pictures in nature now that everything is starting to bloom again!

  • Pull out my favorite skirt and dresses to (hopefully, fingers crossed) wear without tights under them

  • Sit outside a cute cafe

  • Attempt at cleaning my room (the yearly spring cleaning) & give my room a bit of a make over

  • Go to the cherry blossom festival in Amstelveen, which is so magical!  I try to go every year and I always make shit load of pictures of all the pretty flowers 🙂

  • Make lemonade for the (believe it or not) first time

  • Have the first picknick of the year

  • Wander trough nature, I love going on beach walks and wander trough the forests

  • Buy a new transitional coat and some cute sandals

  • wear more colorful and less 😉 clothes

  • Try new recipes with spring like foods

  • Plan my summer vacation (so exited about that!!)

So there you have it, my spring to do list! So now I’m really curious about yours, have you already made one and if you would make one what would be on it? I would love to read it.



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