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How to get what you want in 2018

Ready to slayy in 2018? I’m here to guide you to get what you want this year. Which is absolutely possible if you put your mind to it and make some things clear for yourself. I’m going to show you how to do just that!

Happy new year my lovely readers! How has your 2017 been? Mine wasn’t so much fun. But instead of whine about it. I have found a way to get what I want in 2018! So let’s find out how we can make this year work out for you too. It includes some lists to write. No I’m not suggesting to make some new years resolutions. Although, nothing wrong with those. I just can’t stick to them. But I have found some ways to achieve your goals. By writing down some handy lists I have created and learned about from some awesome mentors (I love Marie Forleo & Thara Mohr!) Sounds interesting? Then keep on reading!

OMG I did that!

A lot can happen in just one year. So first of, lets list down all the things that you are proud of and you’ve accomplished last year. And if there weren’t a lot of things happening, list down all the little things. A great accomplishment can be overcoming a certain bad habit, or specific fears. Or maybe you’ve created or started something amazing. List as much as you can think of, you will see there can be a lot of things. Done? Make sure to read what you just wrote down. It gives a really satisfying feeling, because you did all of this, so be proud of you!

The lessons I have learned

To get the most out of 2018, make sure you know what lessons you have learned in 2017. To know how much you can grow in a year, and to not make the same mistakes. These can be business, relationship or self related. For example, I have learned to choose me above anything else and to be softer to myself (Any other major perfectionists out there, heyo!).

Let it go, let it go…

Now that you know what kind of things you have accomplished and what you have learned last year. You probably have a better perspective of what is really important to you and in your life. So now it is time to look at what you are going to have to let go, to make your life easier and speed up you progress. Think about internal stuff like self doubt and comparison. And external factors like toxic friends, clothes you feel uncomfortable in, an awful job and just all the stuff slowing down your progress.

Now on to the good stuff…

The goal hunter strategy

Ever heard about intention, attention and action. Guessed it right, that’s what I want you to write down. What is it that you want to put your intention, attention and action on? This will be what you will focus on this year. So really important in getting what you want. Remember things will grow where you put your energy in.

Keep on going!

What are you going to need to keep yourself going? Be really honest with yourself now. What are the things you lack, could get some extra help with or will be hard to find motivation for. Think of some habits you want to develop to keep you slaying. And set goals for yourself to work towards. And also very very important. Whenever you meet your goal or achieve a accomplishment (like the ones I talked about in the beginning) celebrate it!! because that’s what makes working towards your goals fun. So don’t forget to celebrate. And celebrating doesn’t have to be a big happening (although that would be fun of course. I won’t blame you 🙂 ). For example whenever I was going to a difficult period and I was proud of myself for how I was dealing with it, I treated myself with a macaroon (or two). So it can also be small gestures, just take a minute to appreciate what you’re doing. Something that also really helped me was checking every three months how far I had already come. And to look at the intention, attention and action goals I had set for myself, to see if I wanted to change them a little or include new ones.

And lastly, talk about your dreams and goals. Maybe there is someone who can help you along the way. If you never put you your dreams out there, how can anyone ever help you, right? Don’t be scared to put yourself out there. There will be people who will cheer you on.

So now I’m really curious about what you wrote down. Like What are some goals you’ve accomplished last year, some lessons you’ve learned? And what is it that you want to put your intention, attention en action on? I would love to know! Mine are, being patient with myself, meet more passionate people who love what they do, eat healthy for health in general and for “flawless” skin, travel a lot, write and speak about things that make me really exited and make more money (if we’re being honest).

Remember you are awesome. You really are. And I truly wish you the best year ever. And I hope these steps can help you to get what you want in 2018. I believe you can do it!

Print these printables to help you write it down!


Amber xx

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    Aww, I love these printables. Thanks so much.


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    February 11, 2018 at 4:47 PM

    SO well put. I couldn’t agree more!

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