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Fun day in Amsterdam – glimps of my day

Hi everyone! Since I haven’t shared a lot of my daily life on here, while this is a personal blog. I thought I would change that today! So I captured some moments of what I did last Saturday including going to Amsterdam. I really hope you like this post, please let me know in the comments!


So I recently started this online course called B school (short for business school) founded by Marie Forleo. I love Marie, I’ve followed her for at least two years now (she has an awesome YouTube channel for entrepreneurs). And I also wanted to enroll in her course (B school) since the beginning. But I have to honest with you, it’s quite the investment. But luckily my mom also really wanted in this year. So now we’re doing this together! So I’m kind of “in school again”. So when I woke up I started with a new module and did some research on my business idea (more on that in an other post ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Then I made myself way to much porridge (which was delicious, but I just can’t be trusted with quantity I guess ๐Ÿ™‚ ).


A few moths back my friend and I decided we wanted to go eat sushi at Sumo (an amazing popular sushi restaurant, which I hadn’t been before). And because she was in Amsterdam that Saturday we decided I would come over there, to do a little bit of shopping and later go for dinner. So before that I did a little bit more work. Walked my dog Cody and hoped on the train to Amsterdam



I got there around half past three, we got to a few shops including topshop. Where I bought a new pair of jeans (I ripped my good pair…while I was working. My boss even pointed it out to me. Jeahh not the best situation to be in. I could luckily cover it up haha.) And a fun white slogan T-shirt. We also shot some cute pictures at the canals, and then we went for dinner.


I have to say, I was really impressed by the food. I do love my sushi, and there was so much to choose from. You get an I pad on which you can choose 5 different things from, for 6 rounds! I had a great day, good talks with my bestie, exploring new parts of Amsterdam, a great new pair of jeans and a fun T-shirt and good food! I ended up in a nice relaxing bath and watching the new episode of Riverdale (I lovee that show!).

The last few weekends I just worked on some projects or went to work, so it was fun to get out of that work state of mind and do something fun!ย So that was my Saturday, I hope you’ve had a great weekend too! What did you do? I would love to hear!



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