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City Guide – Wassenaar

Hi Everyone! I wanted to share a special place for me. I have been to Wassenaar a few times now, and I don’t know why, but it has become one of my favorite places. It is a small city near Den Haag (in the Netherlands). Apparently all the rich people live here (according to my mom 🙂 ). Because our parlement is based in Den Haag, so all the important people live here. I haven’t seen any important people, but I do love how almost everyone looks amazing here and is very polite and nice.

So now that I have been to Wassenaar a few times, I found some amazing places while I was looking around. And I would love to show you some of the places I recommend to check out! So that’s what I’m going to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Luciano is one of the best ice cream makers in the Netherlands! They’ve got loads of important ice cream making titles, like master ice-cream maker in 2008, best service and best ice craftsman in 2012.

I got the best costumer service in this high end drugstore!











If you’re looking for some ice cream, definitely go to Luciano. They have got a lot of different flavors, like coffee, pumpkin spice and stroopwafel ( a dutch cookie, one of my favorites). They also have friendly staff and a really cool interior!

One of the more expensive drugstores in the Netherlands is the Douglas. I don’t go there very often, but I do really like the store. When I went to the Douglas in Wassenaar, I was very pleasantly surprised. When I came in, I immediately felt very welcome. You know when sometimes you go to a store and you just feel stared at or just completely ignored? This definitely wasn’t the case, not that I got so much attention (that can also be very annoying). They helped me really well (I was looking for a good toner). And when I bought the products I wanted, I got so many free samples. More than I usually get, I even got a full size foundation because they missed one of the samples they wanted to give me. Long story short, I love the Douglas in Wassenaar. And not only because of the free samples I got, the staff was just so nice and lovely. So if you’re looking for some beauty products while you’re in the neighborhood, I definitely recommend going there!

Now I’m going to tell you about my favorite place in Wassenaar. And that’s Soo French!













Soo french is a beautiful, cozy French inspired restaurant. They have all types of French food, like a quiche Lorain but also macarons! I have always loved France. we always went there in the summer vacation, and I also took french lessons in school. Not that I remember much of what I’ve learned though 🙂

Soo French also sells imported French goods. Because I was making this blog post the owner gave me this amazing salted caramel chocolate paste (which is amazing btw), they also got mustards and salts. Almost everything you can think of actually.

But most importantly, the food they make is delicious. They also got a lot of different options, and they’re all French dishes. Even the drinks are French. They have this delicious salted caramel latte, which you should really try if you’re a coffee lover. I really love going here because the restaurant/store is so cute and cozy. And the owner and staff is also really lovely and attentive.

Those were my recommendations! I hope you check  these places out if you’re ever in the area. And I hope you love it too!


Amber xx












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