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Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You are a creative and healer at heart
  • You’re sensitive or an empath
  • You feel a deep sense of wanting to help humanity and the planet in some way
  • You feel like there’s more to life than what you’re currently experiencing, you would like to live fully and with intention
  • You feel really deeply and are drained by negative situations and crowded places. 
  • You concider yourself spiritual and are ready to learn more about healing, mindset, spirit guides and more. Growth is really important to you.

Does this sound familiar? I used to be exactly like this, that’s why I know what a struggle it can be to start getting outside of your comfort zone and step into your power. It can be frustrating and lonely troughout your journey. Painful and confronting even, but thats where you grow the most. I’ve changed my way of thinking and discovered the many secrets to how you can feel more prosperous, happy and aligned with your soul over the years.

Throughout my own journey I found out what lighted the sparks in me, and who I wanted to be as a person. I started to become more comfortable with sharing my gifts and show more of who I truly was instead of someone I thought I had to be, I started to shine my light. I felt the calling to share all this amazing information with others and so I created my own business at 20 years old. And made Shine Your Light come to life. It is made for the dreamers, the lightworkers, creatives who feel like they have so much more to share with the world. Who want to start taking action on their dreams and share their light with the world. Because we need your voice, we need your light and we need the gifts that only you have. Let’s light up the world together and let’s start by becoming confident in shining our own lights. You are here for a reason let’s explore what you have to give to the world together.

You know those people who just , who have this radiant, loving glow? Shine Your Light helps you to connect deeply with your soul and start shining from within. Which will help you design your dream life from the inside out!

“I absolutely loved Shine Your Light! It has made me see the world differently. The meditations are awesome, and I’ve faced myself in ways that I hadn’t before, in a really good way. The course has given me a huge confidence boost and created more peace for the future”
Esmee H
Through Shine Your Light I’ve started to tap more into what my heart wants. This helped me so much and created a lot more peace within me. I really want to thank Amber for that!
Doortje de B

What do I get once I enroll?

With Shine Your Light you’re getting over

$3500 woth of content

  • 6 Jam packed modules ($2500)
  • LIVE Q&A's with me every month ($700)
  • Exclusive students only facebook group ($200)
  • 1# bonus - Angel healing meditation ($25)
  • 2# bonus - heartcentered business ($150)

Total worth: $3.575

Now for only:


Who is Amber &

how can she help me?

Hi beautiful soul, my name is Amber Aardenburg. I hope to be welcoming you inside of Shine Your Light and be your guide to unlocking your shine and transforming into the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

I get what’s like to be searching for the meaning of your life, trying to find yourself, who you should be and your purpose in life (and how to be a functioning human at the same time). These are things we don’t learn in school. That’s why we get stuck later in life, trying to be someone we think we should be. We want to play big, but we’re afraid to take chances. We try to get love and attention from the outside, instead of finding it inside. We listen to others while our intuition has already given us the answers.

I started to become aware of this, the first time I had my first experience seeing a clairvoyant as a teenager (I’ve always been interested in the Woo Woo side of things). She told me that I acted as a grey mouse, while I was so colorful and I should spread my wings, start to shine my light.


This has been an ongoing process, but after showing up for myself 110% I have turned my life around. I started to do the things that were in alignment with my dreams. I started to take action on my dreams. I started to shed the layers that weren’t me, but a version of me I though I had to be to feel accepted. 

I’ve started to be unapologetic about what I want and who I am. I started my own business at 20 years old. I’m doing what I love the most, teaching and learning about the things I am passionate about. Helping beautiful souls go through their own healing journey, seeing them become confident and at home within themselfs. And I shine my light freely, because I belief that no one is born to be a grey mouse. We’re all butterfly’s waiting to awaken and spread our wings. 


She was so right, I wanted to blend in. Be in the safe zone. But it was draining to keep overthinking what I should say, what I should wear, look like etc. But deep within myself I wanted nothing more than to be myself, but I didn’t know how.

I’m a so called Empath, which means I can easily pick up emotions and energy around me. This has been a curse and a blessing. I could feel the pain of others when they went through a hard time. This made me want to jump in and help. Even if those people didn’t want to change. This led me to some toxic and controlling people, who loved the attention and love I wanted to give. But they made me feel like I was never good enough.

Life gives you many lessons and until you start showing up for your assignment, the lesson keeps repeating itself. So did this lesson. I started to get panic attacks and  the feeling of burnout. The universe made it loud and clear that enough was enough. I had spent a lot of time healing and changing my self sabotaging beliefs. But I wasn’t choosing ME yet, I was hiding and still playing small. Giving away my power.

I decided I was going to show up for my assignment, and show up for myself. Meditation and connecting more with my intuition showed me my fears that I was previously running away from. And also the dreams and desires living inside of me. I developed healthy boundaries and made some big changes in my life. 

We're all butterfly's waiting to awaken and spread our wings

And now I’m so ready to share all the secrets to become your most radiant, loving & happy version of you! This online course is the end result of my personal questioning, searching and finding my way back to my soul. I poured all my love and knowledge into it. So you can start to find your way back home to YOU, dream big and see your dream life unfold in front of your eyes. Because when you align your goals and actions with the dreams of your soul, and listen to what secrets your intuition has to tell you, ANYTHING is possible. This course will help you peel back the layers that hold you back from living the life your soul always knew you were destined to live.

What is inside
Shine Your Light?

Module 1 - Spiritual basics

In this module we go over the basic understanding of energy and how you can communicate with the universe and the energy of your guides and angels. This is the first module because being able to connect with your intuition will help you during the rest of the course.  to receive guidance. This way you receive guidance and answers from within.

Module 2 - Source & inner mentor

This module is designed to help you make direct contact with your inner wisdom, your soul, your source. And after you are close with who you feel you really are, it’s time to visualize your inner mentor. She can help you to define what your next steps will be, and who the person is you want to grow into. this module is the most transforming in a lot of magical ways. It clears the path to your dreams and opens your heart for new possibilities and incredible self love. 

Module 3 - Future vision collage

When we have clear what your soul wants to experience and what your next steps will be to shine your light, we go over to the action taking. This module is filled with creative and actionable lessons to help you make your dreams a reality. And clarify your next steps to take.

Module 4 - Alignment, from fear to love

In this module we turn your fears into peace. You’ll discover the way to feel more joyful and unconditional love inside of you. In this module you will learn about the difference between fear and love, and how to choose love in your life on a daily basis. This is called getting into alignment. When you learn how to get in alignment, your manifesting game will be more powerful and your life transform on all levels! This is also the module where we dive deeper into our subconscious believes and fear patterns, and transform them. Become aware of you patterns and healing them is essential to becoming the person you dream of becoming. It’s transformation on cell level and needed to shine your light freely.

Module 5 - Manifesting your dreams

Learn the ins and out about manifesting and the law of attraction. Wether you’re a beginner or pro, this module has got you covert to expand your life into your dream way of living. Are you ready to take your life to the next level and attracting what you desire into your life with the law of attraction?

Module 6 - Some last words

I designed this module to help you grow down the road, and help you in your proces after this course ends. I don’t want to just send you off and say “you’re on your own now! Bye Bye”. That’s not how we roll. This module is packed with useful tips and tricks to keep returning to your peaceful love state (and exactly how to do that), how to ask for guidance when you’re lost, how to feel the loving presence of your inner wisdom and your spiritual support team, and much more. 

I'm ready to and show up for myself. I want to shine my light!

“Shine your Light helped me to listen more to what it is that my soul wants. I’ve learned a lot about myself and especially loved the meditations. Amber is loving, helpful and she creates a safe space”
Marielle van D
“Shine Your Light helped me to get to know myself at a deeper level. I even discovered things about myself that I had no idea about. I loved the creative lessons and connecting with my source. Amber is really open and always there to help others.”
Esmay A

Got questions?

I got answers

That’s like asking if I can guaranty if you put in the work. I’m here to help guide you, and give you the steps to get you there. i will encourage you to step up for yourself, do the work, get out of your comfort zone. Because you deserve to live a better life. You deserve to hear the voice of your soul and make your dreams a reality.

What I can guarantee is that you’ll get out of this what you put in! 

Yes! I even have a 100% money back guaranty in place.

If you feel it’s not working for you after two week you will be entitled to a full refund. I will ask to see your homework to ensure you have given it the time needed. I have poured my heart and soul into this course for you to have an amazing transformation, so I am confident that if you complete the tasks that is what you will have.

After two weeks after your purchase the refund will no longer be available.

Let me remind you that I gathered all the information in this program over a course of 6 years, and invested over $2000+ to gather this knowledge. Which was 100% worth it. The information I share in Shine Your Light isn’t something you can find in a book. It has everything I learned in one place, that would take years to figure out yourself. Which is also an option. Everyones has their own journey in become the person they most want to be. But that you’re here means something as well. Maybe this the next step on your journey. Investing in your personal growth is always a good idea.

Every month there’s a Q&A planned up to January 2020 to support you every step of the way. You’ll also get acces to the private facebook group where you can ask questions. Which Amber will answers during the Q&A’s or personal, depending on the time until the next Q&A.

When you enroll in Shine Your Light, you’ll have unlimited acces to the course. So you can start immediately after you purchased the course, or start months from now, you decide. 

The course is only open for enrollment until mid November. So after the closing date you’ll have to wait another year if you want acces to the course.

Feel free to send all your questions to me at happylittlehippyinfo@gmail.com. I’m more than happy to answer them and see if Shine Your Light is the right fit for you.

You deserve to be thriving, magnetic and shine bright Enroll now!

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I can't wait to see you in class!

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