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Summer Lookbook – Outfits 2017

You guys, I made a Summer lookbook! I’m really proud of this video. Mainly of al the hard work put in to make this video. When you see those video’s on youtube it doesn’t seem like it’s hard work, but trust me…it is. But it’s up now and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

The main reason I wanted to make a summer lookbook is because this way I got to show you a lot of outfits in one video. Because, although I do really like taking pictures of my outfits and putting them on here. I thought making a summer lookbook was a more fun way to do it. Honestly, I’m watching more youtube video’s now, compared to reading blogs #confession. So I really hoped you liked this little (well is it little, idk) change in my posts.

I also made a video, all about introducing myself and my channel, my uploading schedule ect. I made a little blog post about it, which you can check out here. I’m exited to see where this next step will take me, and I’m exited to share more with you! I hope you have a lovely day. And if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to never mis a video from me, and leave a comment saying which outfit you loved the most. Until next time!

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