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Personal style evolution

My personal style has been constantly evolving since my love of fashion started. I think I have definitely gone trough a style evolution 🙂 And I have learned so much trough the years. For example, I learned to not be blinded by trends and let them define me, while being a fashion blogger. What my style evolution has also thought me was to be proud about my personal style and be ready to own it. And I learned that when you take fashion risks, nothing really happens. Besides getting some compliments and few stares. Well that ain’t so bad, is it?

So let’s have a laugh together at my teen self, during the times that I was just discovering fashion, and what I liked. Until what my personal style looks like today. Are you ready for my personal style evolution? Here we go! 💗

2011 – 2013








I honestly couldn’t find a lot of pictures of me in this timeframe. I guess this was in my “oh no, don’t take pictures of me” fase. I am around 13/14 here, and what I remember is that I loved to wear things with stripes, at one point I was the proud owner of 6 stipe items! I personally think that’s a lot, but looking back, I get it. It’s cute and comfy. Also, can we point out the green backpack for a moment. This was my school bag, and it, HAD TO BE LIME GREEN (or pink, I loveeed those colors for some reason). This bag has gone trough some serious torture. I had worn the backpack for half a year, until I decided I wanted to pimp it up. You may think, that’s a cute idea! At the time it might have been. But the point is that I went a little overboard with my black marker and gemstones. To the point where I hated it, and a begged my mom to wash it. That was the second mistake. Now all that was left was a gray, greenish backpack, which was even worse. Because you could still kind of see what I had drawn and written on it. But not really. Which made a lot of people ask me questions about my bag (that I hated now). And I had to wear it for another year. Yeah, the struggle of a teenage girl, I know.

Moving on…








2014 – 2015

Around this time I had discovered fashion blogging. And I was so into it, that decided I wanted to sart my own fashion blog! Fun fact, that is how all of this started. Before Happy Little Hippy I had had 3 blogs already. But I was too shy and I didn’t know how to put myself out there to proceed. As you can see, I now choose florals over stripes! Especially the blue/white flowers pants I loved. And I still wear them! I also bought my first pair of heels, which I was over the moon about. I had always loved heels and I couldn’t wait to wear them. So although my mom didn’t want me to have them until I was 16, (I think I was around 15 at the time) I still bought them (I know, bad ass! Instead of smoking and trying other stuff, I bought heels!) But I didn’t get around to actually wear them, which is no surprise. But that didn’t matter to me at all, I just felt so grownup haha.

2016 – 2017


Now if you are have visited my website before, these images might seem familiar to you! As a said before, my website started as a fashion blog. As I have always have had a love for fashion, and I loved the idea of inspiring other people with my outfits. Just like I gained inspiration from other fashion bloggers and youtubers. Around this time I began to really find my personal style. Before that I had tried different kind of styles, always a bit feminine, but nothing felt like “my style”. But then I realized I had always loved boho chic. But with a modern twist. So I began describing my style as modern bohemian, and that I loved. I do have to confess I tried a little bit to much to be a good fashion blogger. Like these heels you see in the first picture? Yeah I only wore those three times in my whole life. But I had to have them “for my blog”. Yess they are really pretty, but I think life is so much easier if you don’t feel obligated to buy stuff just for pictures. Again, they are still really pretty though 😉

2017 – 2018


In 2017 and this year, I stopped trying so hard. I embraced all that I loved, and let go of my idea of having to be on trend. Because that is a tiring game to play, and that doesn’t make fashion fun (to me and my bank account at least 😉 ). As you can see trough my last pictures, my style has kind of matured now. I love that white coat and I have fully embraced my personal style. In the past I felt kind of weird to like all the boho clothes. Because that isn’t really common style to wear where I live, and also not really “on trend” (only when coachella comes around 🙂 ).

Maybe you know Marie Kondo from the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Something that she teaches, is to ask yourself if a certain item you own, sparks joy. I have sorted out my closet while following this method for a few years. And I am happy to say that I am genuine happy with everything I own in there. An other thing that has really helped me, is to be more realistic and buying clothes that I actually need. I’ve been really good in buying heels and yellow skirts the last few years. And although I think you should sometimes definitely buy things that you love, and which are out of your comfort zone. Just to find out that you can definitely rock them and feel badass 😉 But when almost every item in your closet is like that, choosing outfits for casual occasions becomes a bit of a struggle. Basics are just as important I learned. It is funny because when I started experimenting with fashion, I never dared to buy the more out there clothes, which I actually loved. And then later in my fashion journey, I bought too much! Luckily I’ve got a great mixture of both now , and that works perfectly!

Tell me if you can relate and what your favorite fashion period of my style evolution was in the comments!


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