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Blouse Zara 

Girlfriend jeans H&M

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Similar knitted cardigan 

Hi beautiful people,

Today I thought it was fun to show you an outfit I’ve been wearing a lot lately. I actually find Autumn and Winter the hardest seasons to make outfits for. You have much more layers to deal with, for your outfit to be warm enough. So one thing I swear by, is having a long warm cardigan. I got this one a while ago, but I found a similar one for you on  I am also obsessed with my new girlfriend jeans. They make every outfit a bit more special because of the rippes and the shape, and I really love the look of it.

I paired it with this cute top from ZARA, which I absolutely adore. I don’t know why but I really love wearing green at the moment. Normally I would pair it with some black trousers, but when I tried this combo I loved it because it was a bit different (and when it comes to fashion, thats how I like it :p ). I accessorized it with a small silver necklace with an labradorite crystal (which will be no surprise if you know me, I lovee crystals). Labradorite is known for finding more purpose in your life, chance, cleansing your aura and staying in your own power. Which is quite cool I think (and something I can use right now) And even if you don’t believe in the power of crystals, it is still a beautiful green/gray stone, which changes color in the light (think rainbow effect).

What do you think of this casual/chic outfit?


Amber xx

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