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Inspiration board – September

Welcome to my Inspiration Board! Inspiration is my thing, or like Sharpay Evans song  “I need something inspiring to help me get along, fabulouuuuss” (if your confused, that’s from High School Musical, yes I’m that cool).

But I’m serious. I spent most of my social media time on Pinterest and Instagram to find inspiring things. I like seeinging what other people wear, make  or how they decorate their house etc. There are so many cool things out there. And because I love ispiration so much, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I found during my daily pin and insta sessions with you.

  1. This quote represents this blog thing I’m doing right now :). It took a lot of courage to start this journey, because it is quite scary to put myselfout there. But this is what I wanted to do. It still is scary, but I’m happy I started this adventure. So what would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  2. I was looking for cute strappy heels because they were on my wishlist for a long time. But then I found these cute flat lace up shoes on Asos. And I know these are not heels, but they are just so cute, and a good alternative if you don’t want to wear heels. And they are only €42! You can find these cuties here. (I did find some asome strappy heels though, You can see them in this fashion post)
  3. I have recently discovered a really cool brand called Free People (I am probably the last one to find out) and I literally like all of their new collection. I also found this amazing black dress on Asos (my go to fashion shopping site at the moment) which I love so much with the pretty embroidered details. But they also have some other cool dresses which I absolutely love. You can find the dress here.
  4. This beautiful patio setting makes my want to throw an outdoor dinner party so bad. It just looks so cute and cozy and I think now is the perfect time to do such things. Because it is the end of summer and it will be a lot colder soon, at least here in the Netherlands.
  5. And of course, confetti, because Happy Little happy is live and running!! I’m so happy it is finally online, and thank you for your support and being exited along with me! (you can find my post about my new site here, to read the whole story about why I started HLH and some other interesting things). I hope you all like the new look and articles, I can’t wait to create more for you and being on this journey.
  6. Let me introduce you to this asome person, this is Mr.kate. She has a amazing youtube channel where I have watched almost every video. I really love Kate because she is so creative, funny and uplifting. And also she calls her subscribers “creative weirdos” which I totally am 🙂 But Kate isn’t the only one who makes the video’s. She has a whole crew of awesome peeps behind her who create with here. Her content contains, fashion and beauty, but most important, interieur. And they not only do great DIY home projects, they also do amazing house makeovers. They have these series called Omg where coming over! where they do makeover at youtubers places, which I found the most fun to watch. Oh and did I also mention Kate has her own jewelry line and blog? You can find her youtube channel here, and you can find here site here.

I hope by this I have inspired you a bit. let me know if you liked this type of post. Because I love then to continuing this. I was thinking of posting a inspiration board once a month or more if wou would like that. Let me now! Also, does anyone remembers  Sharpay from high school musical? I loved that character so much. Ahh the good old High School Musical years.

I hope you have a great day!


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