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Don’t forget



Don’t forget

In our busy life we tend to forget the things that really matter to us. Our idea of who we want to be and the things we find the most important. For example I’d like to become a confident, free minded, creative woman who loves the life she lives. And the things I find the most important are: honesty (being honest with yourself and others), love and respect. If you know what is most important to you, you can shape your life in that direction. So don’t forget!

Why am I writing this under a fashion  post? Well I will tell you. Because there is a genius woman on this planet called Tara Mohr. Who learned me trough her book called Playing Big who I want to be. And to imagine that person, literaly. She let me imagine myself 20 years from now. What does she look like, what kind of job does she have, and how did she get where she is now. If you are curious you should try this yourself, it might feel a bit weird or uncomfortable if you have never done anything like this before. But it did really help me.

But now I still don’t know what this has to do with your outfit Amber! Well (calm down) it is because my older self likes to wear long skirts, fun dresses and heels (but jeans are fine too 🙂 ). So as I am growing I try to be more like the woman I want to become, and I try to also dress more like her. And this outfit fits that person.

What does your 20 year older self look like (I call her my inner mentor)? And are you already dressing like her? Also, you should really read Playing Big, or at least check it out here (it is also translated in a lot of different languages). Or sign up for her free 10 rules for brilliant women workbook here (btw this is in no way an ad, I just think she is brilliant).

If you’re wondering where my outfit comes from check these links:

alternative skirt ASOS, 2

crop bikerjack mango

jumper alternative Top Shop

Block heels New Look

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