I believe that we can feel more joyful, loving, connected and fulfilled when we access our intuition, get real about what we truly want from life and you shine your own authentic light.

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Check out the shop section on my website to find out more about my products. I’ve got some awesome healing and transforming meditations and learn more about my upcoming online course called, you guess it, Shine Your Light. I love chatting to you over at the HLH podcast show about the real stuff. Including insights, tips, fun rambling and sometimes even a free meditation. Go to Get Started for some free goodness and to get to know my work.

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Hi! I’m Amber

I see it as my mission to help young women find their voice, to help them break free from what is holding them back and to shine their own unique, beautiful light.
I’m born and raised in a little town in the Netherlands. And although I tried my best to blend in with the rest I always felt different. From a young age I’ve always been interested in personal development and everything Woo Woo. I like the real stuff, that gets you to open up and be vulnerable, yess the scary stuff. But that’s because i’ve been through some dark periods in my life. Just like everyone, searching for the meaning of life and wondering what my mission in life is. When in the beginning of 2018 I kind of hit rock bottom and couldn’t work anymore, it was time to truly shine my light. I could only physically do the things that gave me energy and made me feel joyful. Before this I’d already done a lot of personal development and spiritual work. And it was like the universe gave me a little push and said, “No time for bullshit no more. Now go do what you really want to do and help others too.”
And here we are!  I’m an entrepreneur, a writer, a teacher, an artist and I help other young woman shine their light.
I am so thankful that I choose to listen to my heart and learned how to listen to my intuition. And now I help others do the same!
I’m here to serve you and help you shine your light. Let’s do this!