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My mission has always been to make other people see how amazing they are and what they’re capable of. To heal them and help them shine their light. From a young age, I’ve been able to see the strengths and weak spots in people, relationships or systems. I am a so-called empath. I’m very sensitive and can feel the emotions of others. 

I used to feel very drained and emotional because of this. And I always felt the need to help or even save people. When in the winter of 2018 I crossed my limit and my body said STOP! I had to listen and turn within to see that I wasn’t following my heart and I gave my energy away without getting energy back. It has been my wakeup call. Sometimes it takes depression, anxiety or burnout to wake up and start listening to your soul. I experienced all of them and it was painful. But stars can’t shine without darkness. And that’s what I’ve experienced over and over again. It takes strength and courage to show up for yourself and move through these things. Life can get tough but it always has to teach us something. And I’ve come out the other way. And I believe you can too if you’re experiencing something similar. Our bodies are a great translator of what needs to be seen on the inside. We can’t just ignore our dreams, our feelings, and pain. We need to honor and respect ourselves. And look within for answers to heal the pain and to start moving into a direction that feels good to us. Good for the soul, your body and mind. And in this order. Listen to the podcast to learn more about this.

 What if there is a way to connect with yourself on such a deep level that you’ll feel the answers come to you and you can fully trust the process. The process of creating the life you dream of. And feeling confident sharing your gifts with the world and shine your light? 

Through my mistakes, wake up calls and life lessons I now live in a way that is giving me energy and is supporting my life. Instead of letting life happen to me. I have healed past wounds to open up to life and its possibilities. I am connected to the universal guidance, while being grounded. This is what I love to teach others. How to use their gifts, heal themself and shine their light. That’s how you can create a life you love and support yourself in every way.


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