I believe that we can feel more joyful, loving, connected and fulfilled when we access our intuition, get real about what we truly want from life and you shine your own authentic light.

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I am very passionate about working with our intuition, healing old wounds so you can use your full potential, self confidence and the law of attraction. Because I believe that when you get the inside right, the outside can flow naturally in your favor.

If you want to get started right now go to Get Started and download my 3 free meditations or take my manifestation mini masterclass!. Go listen to my potcast for more information and to get to know me even more (coming soon). Or check out my youtube channel, on which I upload my insights and answer all the questions you might have. Welcome to the Happy Little Hippy fam!

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Hi! I’m Amber

I see it as my mission to help young women follow their intuition and shine their own unique, amazing light.
I’m born and raised in a little town in the Netherlands. And although I tried my best to blend in with the rest I always felt different and too sensitive. From a young age I’ve always been interested in personal development and everything Woo Woo. I like the real stuff, that gets you to open up and be vulnerable, yess the scary stuff. But that’s because I’ve been through some dark periods in my life. Just like everyone, searching for the meaning of life and wondering what my mission in life is. When life hit me with a few loud wake-up calls, it was like the universe gave me a little push and said, “No time for bullshit no more. Shine your light and listen to your intuition, and let it guide you trough life.”
And here we are!  I’m a spiritual mentor, an entrepreneur and an artist. And I do what gives me the most joy, which is helping courages and amazing woman shine their light.
Since I decided to let my intuition guide me and follow my heart, my life completely turned around and I’ve truly never been happier. It would be an honour to help you to create the life that you dream of, discover your own mission(s) in life and shine your own beautiful light!