About me

Happy Little Hippy started as a personal fashion and lifestyle blog in September 2016. I loved looking at other blogger and YouTubers and I decided that I wanted to put my creative ideas and style on my own site. Because I have always been a free spirited person, the name Happy Little Hippy was perfect for me. I love to inspire other people to do and wear what they want to do and wear, because we are all to often told by others (conscious or unconscious) what to do and how to look. I wanted to have my own website where I could inspire others trough my stories and style. And help those who struggle with confidence and loving themselves.

After I discovered I was close to having a burn out I haven’t been so actively blogging. But I did find a lot of joy and rest in creating my own abstract art and creating my own prints. Which you can now buy trough the shop on my site. Which I am so happy and proud about! I wanted to create art that will give a you a great feeling when you look at it. Art can inspire, and if you hang it in you home it can set the tone for the vibe of the room. Thats why I mostly love to paint colorful and light paintings. I wanted to inspire you trough my poster sets. They are made with pictures I made during my life, quotes I love and illustrations that are really fun, and mean the most to me. And again give you a positive or inspired feeling I hope.

I hope you enjoy Happy Little Hippy as much as I do and leave with a positive feeling and inspired to do what you love.

Lots of love,