“I believe in the capacity to grow and transform to become who we always wanted to be. But first we have to wake up and start taking control over our own lives, and realize what is possible. I would love to help you with that.”


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Do you want to know how to manifest, show up for yourself in a loving and powerful way and start making your dreams come true?

3 Free Meditations

Get my 3 free guided meditations. Made to help you feel good, relax, get more clarity and even manifest. Let me guide you and take a moment for yourself.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself during the course, and I especially loved the meditations. Amber is loving, helpful and she creates a safe space.”

Marielle D

“I absolutely loved Shine Your Light, it has made me see the world differently. And the meditations are awesome, even for people who haven’t meditated before. The course includes some really fun modules. I’ve really faced myself in ways that I hadn’t before, in a good way!”

Esmee H
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