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Hi, I’m Amber

I love exploring the world, being in nature and my australian-shepherd dog Cody. I’ve had an interest in everything self development and spirituality since I was a little girl. So I love to help others learn more about themselves. And that there’s so much more within us and around us, which can help us shine our true light. There is still much to uncover and learn, and I might not know everything. But what I do know is that we all deserve to shine our light.

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“Amber’s meditations are awesome, even for people who haven’t meditated before. Her course shine your light has made me see the world differently. The course has given me a confidence boost and created more peace for the future.”

Esmee H

“I’ve learned a lot about myself during the course, and I especially loved the meditations. When you’re meditating there’s no right or wrong and your inner voice can tell you what you need to hear. Amber is loving, helpful and she creates a safe space.”

Marielle D